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Angers, let you tell history through architecture and tapestries!

Angers is a 150.000 inhabitants city, located in the north-western part of France. Cradle of the Plantagenêt dynasty, who gave us great kings and queens, Angers was the historic capital of the "Anjou" region, and the cultural heritage remind us this important period.

About France

Labelled as a "ville d’art et d’histoire", (art and history city), Angers is a pleasant place to stay ant to live in.

Discover the huge château built along the Maine river. Set on neolithic and gallo-roman remains, the construction started during the 13th century. Wow in front of its 17 impressive and forbidding towers, and be touched by the largest medieval "Apocalypse hanging", housed in the building. It measures more than 100 meters and dates back to the 14th century!

Do not miss the St Maurice cathedral, introducing the angevin gothic style in the region. Have a walk in the tiny streets and admire some half-timbered houses.

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