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Bratislava, a vibrant blend of styles

The charming capital of Slovakia was built by the Danube, 60 kilometres far from Vienna in Austria. As the cultural heart of Slovakia, Bratislava offers many theatres, galleries, museums and concert halls. Let yourself be seduced by the mixing of its architectural styles.

About Slovakia

The castle of Bratislava in Austrian style overlooks the town and the Danube. Visit the gothic Saint-Martin cathedral which housed the crowning of 19 kings and queens.

You can still see the ruins of the Devin castle, a national Slovak symbol. Discover the baroque Grassalkovitch Palace, residence of the President of the Republic. The "New Bridge", from the 20th century, spanning the Danube deserves to be seen. Be astonished by its panoramic restaurant in the shape of a flying saucer. The Natural History Museum of Bratislava is one of the richest in Europe.

The Museum of the Clock making offers a splendid collection of clocks, sundials and pocket watches.

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