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Kiruna, Europe’s last untouched land

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From Stockholm take the 6 pm night train to reach Kiruna at 11 am on the next day. Welcome to Europe’s last untouched wilderness! Wake up in Lapland, surrounded by complete stillness, overlooked by snow clad mountains, streaming rivers and crystal clear lakes.

With this unique journey you will experience the magical beauty of the Aurora Borealis and the northern lights as they illuminate the skies with cascades of colours. When it’s time to eat, you’re in for a real experience. The cuisine of the indigenous Sami people is all about nature´s own delicacies such as reindeer, salmon and lingonberry.

Take the Arctic Circle train from Kiruna to Narvik (2h50 trip). During your memorable trip you can stop over at several Nordic havens such as Abisko, Björkliden or Riksgränsen.

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Customer reviews

  • "Raileurope experiance"    
    One of the best train Journey that I have experianced. The check in procedures were very smooth, and the staff are smiling and helpful. The train is mantained very well,seating comfart was amezing.  
  • "Very Good"    
    Comfort, Convenience and value for Money....  
  • "Very Good"    
    Value for Money ( it was with Bus till Antequera )  
  • "Great Experience"    
    Excellent Experience. Great ride. Smooth and comfortable. Only complaint: Had 4 teenagers sit next to us and play music at an elevated level. When asked to turn down they complied but only for a little while but then turned it back up. Was glad to see them get off the train at the next stop. Overall great experience and would travel again.  
  • "Great service"    
    Train travel in Spain is very convenient. The train ran too time, was clean and comfortably heated.  
  • "Journey"    
  • "Very Good"    
    Clean, Comfortable Chairs, Bit expensive if I compare with my original currency - if possible, the price probably have a disc for foreigners/tourist  
  • "Tom Maszczak"    
    Coming from the United States, I found the Renefe high speed train a marvel. It was comfortable, on time, very convenient and easy to navigate. An absolute pleasure.  
  • "Great Way To Travel"    
    Very relaxing and was impressed that our seating for three was at a table facing each other. Really enjoyed the trip.  
  • "Average"    
    Very good about security and controlling tickets before entering the train. Also good with the service-food section in the train. Bad about internainment in the train.. Bad and changing radio connection and bad music choice. Very bad that there is no WIFI. Is that Spain's high profiled train standard in the information age???  
  • "Excellent Trip"    
    My only complaint is that different fairs varied greatly from day to day, and the trip we happened to need was much more expensive than it had been when we first researched our tickets by the time we purchased. I wish it was easier to predict the rates.  
  • "A tip for over 65s"    
    Even in tourist class this was first class service - free paper, full breakfast, a film - the sort of service airlines used to provide at no extra cost. However when I booked it online I was not aware that RENFE offers a significant reduction for the over 65s. Since the trip is not cheap and since the train was not full, it's adviseable for wrinklies to buy the tickets at the station in advance (first you need to purchase a certificate that makes you eligible) and enjoy the reduction.  
  • "Excellent "    
    No problems at all  
  • "Great Train Experience"    
    Pros: 249 Km/H (its amazing..) comfy relaxing leaves on time very clean Cons: WiFi detected inside the train but not connected :( Tips: The display board in the station indicating your train and time of departure only shows the designated platform within 20 mins. Better be in the station 1 hr before your departure and look for your platform in the schedule trip of the trains. Or else you are in a hurry to go platform 24 if you waiting in platform 1 and have many luggage to carry.  
  • "Excellent way to travel"    
    I had a very positive experience with Rail Europe. We travelled from Paris to Strasbourg, from Nice to Arles and from Arles to Montpellier using Rail Europe. Every trip exceeded my expectations. Rail Europe provides an excellent service and travelling by train will most certainly be the preferred method of travel for my family in future!  
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