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Ljubljana, an architectural treasure

Ljubljana, an architectural treasure.

Slovenian capital Ljubljana is a perfectly-formed pint-sized package. Sip wine under willows on the banks of the sea-green river. Then peer over the old town’s terracotta roofs from the hilltop castle. A former military barracks, Metelkova is now home to an edgy nightlife scene.

About Slovenia

Ljubljana is worth the journey mainly for its historical centre which is a mix of two architectural styles: the Baroque and the Art-Nouveau. Next to the City Hall, you can admire the charming baroque Robba’s fountain on the "Mestni Trg" square.

You may feel like facing the "Piazza Navona" in Rome! Reach the striking Dragons bridge in Art-Nouveau style: it was nicknamed "mother-in-law" because of its dragons on each corner. Don’t hesitate to discover the Saint-Nicolas cathedral, its green dome and twin towers, in which you will be seduced by the baroque frescos.

Take the cable-car from the town centre to the picturesque medieval castle, restored from 1960.

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