St Etienne

Getting there

You can get to St Etienne from Clermont Ferrand, Feurs and Veauche st galmie. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 02:52 € 25
From Lyon 00:44 € 9
From Thiers 01:33 € 16
From Clermont Ferrand 02:06 € 23
From Feurs 00:30 € 9
From Veauche St Galmie 00:14 € 9
From Montbrison 00:25 € 9
From Firminy 00:07 € 9

Getting around

From St Etienne, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Veauche St Galmie 00:18 € 9
To Firminy 00:25 € 9
To Feurs 00:35 € 9
To Montbrison 00:39 € 9
To Lyon 01:08 € 12
To Thiers 04:04 € 17
To Clermont Ferrand 04:40 € 24
To Paris 06:20 € 68

St Etienne city guide

St Etienne, art lovers will appreciate!

If you visit Southeastern France, don’t hesitate to stop at St Etienne. It is a middle size city only 50 kilometres away from Lyon and it deserves the detour in many respects, so get prepared to be surprised.

If you are a museum lover you will really like St Etienne. Why don’t you start visiting the one of Modern art. It owns a great collection composed by 19.000 works of art.

There are also the Museum of the Mine, and the one of Art and Industry. Architecture amateurs will enjoy to explore the Le Corbusier’s site, in Firminy, a few kilometres away from St Etienne. If you are with children, you should head the planetarium, so you will discover the sky and the space in a funny way. Another very interesting visit is the one of the City of Design where you will understand the connection between art and industry.

St Etienne station(s)

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