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Lifting the shroud in Piedmont

Turin, an unforgettable experience

Wide streets and 17th-century buildings are surrounded by snow-capped mountains in Turin, dubbed the Capital of the Alps. This wealthy Italian city is a centre for industry, fashion and the arts, with a football-mad population who split their rabid loyalty between giants Juventus and Torino.

About Italy

All along the Po river,it’s a delight to get lost in this magic metropolis while driving your local FIAT, and heading to the cathedral where the famous Shroud of Christ is now protected.

The heart of the city and its many porticoed streets is also the place where architecture covers many historical periods. From the Roman Palatine Towers, you can reach the Piazza Castello, and then follow some streets and arrive at the Mole Antonelliana, which used to be a synagogue. Since then it became the National Museum of Cinema, and is also the symbol of Turin.

And don’t forget to taste some Piedmontese chocolate.

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