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Venice is a land of enchantment, full of romance, history, culture, and canals! One of the greatest attributes of this fascinating city is that it is pedestrianized - no cars permitted! While you cannot drive yourself to Venice, Trenitalia trains regularly make the journey throughout the day, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery in comfort and style. The train takes you to the heart of the city, and as you step out of the Venice Santa Lucia train station, the Grand Canal greets you with a warm welcome. You’ve arrived in one of the most iconic cities in Europe - get ready to explore!

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Making the most of your time in Venice

  • Grand Canal Gondola Ride There is nothing more cliché than experiencing a romantic ride in a Gondola, but when in Venice, it truly is a must-do!
  • Wander around Piazza San Marco St Mark’s Square, the city’s main public square, is lined with shops, cafes, and museums, after a stroll you’ll understand why this piazza is one of Europe’s most iconic. Also see the Doge’s Palace, adjacent to the square, it is open to the public to tour (for a fee).
  • Discover Venice’s iconic bridges

Home to some of Europe’s most famous bridges, you can spend a day exploring, photographing, and crossing over and under the gorgeous bridges found throughout the city. Most notable, the Rialto, the Bridge of Sighs, Ponte dell Accademia, and the Scalzi - all worth a visit.

  • Take a day trip to Murano Learn all about the intricate art of glass making. You can discover the bright and beautiful world of Murano glass on the island and even tour a few churches and museums.
  • Enjoy these discounts for Venice museums and expositions when you present your Trenitalia train ticket locally: -Musei Civici (expos: Tintoretto, John Ruskin, Epoca Fiorucci): 25% off -Festival Biennale of Contemporary Music (Elliott Carter, Sebastian Riva): 10% off -Festival Biennale of Contemporary Dance (Meg Stuart, Marlene Monteiro Freitas): 10% off -Festival Biennale of Architecture: 12% off -Contemporary Art at Palazzo Grassi (Albert Oehlen) and Photography at Punta della Dogana (Martin Bethenod e Florian Ebner): 16.5% off
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Discovering all of Italy, by train

A journey to Italy can be a dream come true, and traveling by train provides an amazing opportunity to see it all!

Italy’s national rail company, Trenitalia, operates daily connections between almost all of the country’s most popular destinations like Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples, and more. In addition, trains in Italy make it possible for travelers to experience smaller, off-the-beaten path locations that are not so easily reached by other modes of transportation.

Whether a high-speed trek on a Le Frecce train between Rome and Venice, or a ride on a local commuter or Inter City train, the connections you will make on board, are almost as exciting as the connections the trains make from city to city. Journeying by train gives you a unique opportunity to see and experience a more intimate side of Italy.

Popular Trenitalia Travel Times:

  • Rome – Venice 3h 23m
  • Florence – Milan 1h 40m
  • Venice – Milan 2h 23m
  • Rome – Naples 1h 08m
  • Florence – Rome 1h 20m