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Home to the Matterhorn and flower-strewn meadows, sample the Bear Garden in Bern, the Palais des Nations in Geneva and go Nordic walking in the mighty Alps.

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Popular journeys

Zurich Geneva 02:43 € 72
Interlaken Zurich 01:53 € 56
Zurich Basel 00:53 € 24
Geneva Interlaken 02:33 € 59
Zurich Lucerne 00:45 € 19
Geneva Basel 02:35 € 64
Interlaken Basel 01:54 € 44
Geneva Lucerne 02:45 € 57
Lucerne Interlaken 01:05 € 37
Basel Lucerne 01:01 € 24
Bern Zurich 00:56 € 40
Geneva Bern 01:41 € 37
Bern Interlaken 00:42 € 22
Basel Bern 00:56 € 29
Lucerne Bern 01:00 € 30
Lausanne Zurich 02:08 € 57
Geneva Lausanne 00:33 € 16
Lausanne Interlaken 01:58 € 48
Basel Lausanne 02:12 € 56
Lucerne Lausanne 02:10 € 50
Lausanne Bern 01:06 € 26
Delemont Zurich 01:37 € 36
Thun Zurich 01:22 € 56
Landquart Zurich 01:05 € 28
Zurich Zermatt 03:11 € 106
Zurich Romanshorn 01:07 € 23
St Margrethen Zurich 01:39 € 26
Zurich Frauenfeld 00:33 € 12


The national railway company of Switzerland is known as the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB/CFF/FFS). Switzerland has a very efficient railway network. Train tickets for trains operating in Switzerland can be booked in advance. International trains connect Switzerland with neighbouring countries such as France and Italy. Book tickets to visit main cities of Switzerland by train. Swiss cities including Geneva, Bern and Lausanne are all served by trains.


Switzerland is very proud of its excellent public transport system so take advantage and fit in as much of the country as you can during your stay. Visit the capital Bern to see the legendary clock tower, or visit Lausanne, just an hour away by Swiss Travel System train, for the cathedral and fascinating bridges. For something a bit different the Old Town in Zurich has some excellent nightlife.


You’ll find everything here; lakes, orchards, palm trees (in Ascona), glaciers (in Valais), mountains, and all less than a three-hour train journey apart.

Take Home

A Swiss army knife has to be top of the list, and of course the jewellery and watches are some of the best in the world. If none of these take your fancy then a dose of good old Swiss cheese and chocolate are sure to suffice, Toblerone anyone?

Eat & Drink

You can’t go to Switzerland and not have a fondue, all that cheese bubbling away, yum, yum. Potato dishes, tarts and quiches are also very popular, and take a trip around one of the many chocolate factories; they usually let you have loads of samples!

New Perspective

Take a Segway city tour in Basel, Switzerland’s third largest city and just an hour’s train ride from Zurich. A Segway, if you don’t know, is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle that allows you to get around faster. A great way to view the city!

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