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Key features

  • Children travel for free when accompanied by a parent who has a Swiss product including the Swiss Travel Pass.


The Swiss Family Card offers free travel to children under 16 when accompanied by at least one parent who has a Swiss Travel Pass or a Swiss Transfer Ticket.

When booking your Swiss Travel Card online, you just have to confirm that you will be travelling together to get a free Swiss Family Pass.

Travel throughout Switzerland, visit its beautiful cities and discover its picturesque landscapes, together with your family!

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Experience a unique travel experience which will offer you the most attractive panorama routes in Switzerland with the Grand Train Tour. The entire tour can be undertaken with the convenient Swiss Travel Pass, which means that you can start the tour from any city and travel at your own pace. Just make sure that you reserve your seat in advance on board special scenic trains.

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Things to know

Who can buy a rail pass?

Any person living outside the participating countries can use the Swiss Family Card. Please note that residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein are not eligible.

Seat Reservation

A seat reservation is a guaranteed seat on board a train.

Seat reservations are compulsory for high speed, international and night trains. However, as you will be travelling with a rail pass, you will only have to pay for a small reservation fee, as opposed to the usual standard fare.

Seats are generally available for reservation up to 90 days prior to departure and are limited. Book early to secure your seat!
We are not currently offering online seat reservations for high speed, international and night trains covered by the BritRail passes.You can book your seat reservation directly from train stations once you are in the United Kingdom.

Our tip:
Most regional trains do not require a seat reservation. Just hop on board with a valid rail pass, find a seat and relax as the train takes you to one of the many destinations served.

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How to use a rail pass?

Open the link to see what a Swiss Family Card looks like.

Swiss Family Card

Most trains in Switzerland do not require reservations. You can simply board with your rail pass and take any open seat. Reservations are required when traveling on scenic trains like the Bernina Express, the Chocolate Train, the Glacier Express and the Wilhelm Tell Express. They are also required for international trains.


Most rail passes include discounts and bonuses. Save money and make the most of your trip with your rail pass.
When available you will get hotel discounts, free entrance to museums, discounted boat trips and more.

Interactive Rail Map

Use our interactive travel map to plan your trip and view the rail network of each country covered by your rail pass.

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