Belgrade - Ljubljana
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Train Belgrade → Ljubljana

Duration 9h53 -

Belgrade - Ljubljana

The average travel time between Belgrade and Ljubljana is 9h53 minutes. The quickest route is 9h53 minutes. The first train leaving Belgrade is at 11:00, the last at . There is an average of 0 trains a day between Belgrade and Ljubljana, leaving approximately every -1J 05h minutes.
  • Departure station : Beograd (Savski trg 2 11000 Belgrade)
  • Arrival station : Ljubljana. (Trg Osvobodilne Fronte 3-7 1000 Ljubljana)
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About this journey

Home to the new Bohemians

Belgrade, so much to see! Serbian capital Belgrade marks the spot where the Sava and Danube rivers meet. Get a sense of the expanse of this thriving Balkan city from the Kalemegdan Fortress. Hop on one of the splavovi river barges for a taste of the city’s booming nightlife scene. Learn more about Belgrade

Ljubljana, an architectural treasure

Ljubljana, an architectural treasure. Slovenian capital Ljubljana is a perfectly-formed pint-sized package. Sip wine under willows on the banks of the sea-green river. Then peer over the old town’s terracotta roofs from the hilltop castle. A former military barracks, Metelkova is now home to an edgy nightlife scene. Learn more about Ljubljana


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N°: 414 First-class sleepers Standard class (second class) sleepers First-class seats Second-class seats Second-class couchettes Restaurant facility Auto train The travel service is non-smoking
11:0020:5309:53 Direct 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
N°: 415
08:2517:3209:07 Direct 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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