Foggia - Padua
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Train Foggia → Padua

Duration 5h57 - From 71

Foggia - Padua

The average travel time between Foggia and Padua is 5h58 minutes. The quickest route is 5h57 minutes. The first train leaving Foggia is at 09:40, the last at 15:40. There is an average of 2 trains a day between Foggia and Padua, leaving approximately every 5h00 minutes.
  • Arrival station : Padova ( Padua)
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About this journey

Foggia, sea, sun, and heritage of Italy Foggia… You just have to hear this name to feel like in holidays. Southern Italy, sun, sandy beaches, sparkling adriatic waters, here you are. Welcome to this amazing city wonderfully mixing nature and culture. You will not have any regrets. Learn more about Foggia

Noted for academic and artistic achievement

Padua is a city of art. Donatello left a legacy of sculptures and Giotto a masterpiece fresco. Pilgrims flock to Saint Anthony’s corpse in the 14th-century basilica. Padua university is one of Europe’s oldest, dating back to 1222, lending the city a spirit of scholarly youthfulness. Learn more about Padua


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N°: 9816
09:4015:3705:57 Direct 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
N°: 9828
15:4021:3905:59 Direct 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Only the outbound journey is available for the moment.
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