Travel Alert - Strike Information

The strikes in France are winding down; however, we have been advised that there may still be sporadic strikes this July - though no firm dates have been communicated to us at this time. We ask that you follow the information below for the proper course of action.


From 24 hours before the scheduled day of train travel, the link provided here can be used to verify whether a specific train is affected by any disruption:

Good to know: train number(s) can be found directly on train ticket(s), or in the booking confirmation email.

Please refer to the after sales conditions below in the event of an impacted train, or if there is a desire not to travel during a strike day.

For those already in France, local railway officials at the train station can assist with:

  • Providing an update on the status of scheduled trains
  • Providing alternate transportation options that will be covered by existing train ticket(s)
  • Changing the dates or time of travel using existing train ticket(s)
  • Endorsing train ticket(s) as “not used” if it will not be used for transportation provided by the railroad


With train ticket(s) endorsed “not used” by a railway official, please contact your area Rail Europe Customer Care Centre (details about how to contact us can be found on the Contact Us page on the original website you booked on) to receive instructions on how to proceed with obtaining a refund.

If you are not in France, contact your Rail Europe Customer Care Centre prior to train departure date to allow us to cancel and begin the refund process for the affected train ticket.

In either case you will be required to return all original documents to Rail Europe within one month from the date of travel.

Connecting trains, not operated by SNCF, may also be eligible for refunds. Please follow the same procedures as outlined above to apply for a refund for connecting trains impacted by the strike.

NOTE: In the case of paper tickets please make sure you send the original unused train ticket(s) via express traceable mail. We cannot guarantee any refund should the train ticket(s) not be received by Rail Europe. If applicable, also include any replacement ticket(s) along with a letter explaining the occurrence. Once endorsed tickets are received, Rail Europe will submit to the railroad on your behalf. In case of a dispute, any compensation is at the sole discretion of the railroad. We regret to inform you that no refund will be possible for tickets/requests returned later than one month from date of travel.

It is extremely important that you DO NOT process your refund online for train tickets impacted by the strike. By doing so, you will incur regular cancellation fees for the tickets. Please follow the refund procedures outlined above.

For train travel during non-strike dates, any cancellations or exchanges for train tickets would follow normal refund and exchange conditions. Travelers can accept normal refund and exchange terms or wait for further information closer to scheduled departure dates. In the case of the Rail Protection Plan, a cancellation would result in a coupon code for the full value of the affected train ticket(s) to be used on a future booking within 2 years from date of cancellation.

This page will be kept updated as we receive more information from the European railroads. Should you have any questions, you can get in touch with us via the Contact Us page – we’re happy to assist!

Travelling on a strike day:

  • If a scheduled train is confirmed to be operating, we advise that travelers arrive at train station early. Due to a possible increase in passengers, travelers may experience longer than usual time reaching the departure platform and boarding the train.
  • If a scheduled train has been cancelled once at the station, travelers should verify from the live departure board which trains are confirmed to be operating. They will be entitled to travel on any train on the same route of the original train ticket within the same day without additional fees.

Please be aware that seating cannot be guaranteed, and no compensation can be claimed should a seat not be able to be found on board, or for any discomfort experienced during travel as this national strike is beyond the railway’s control.

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