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Belfort, the "city of the lion" is waiting for you

Set up on important communication routes and train network, Belfort has a great location in the east of France. It soon became a military city where garrisons settled in. This 50 000 inhabitants city attracts a lot of visitors, and deserves the detour.

About France

One of must-see of Belfort is without any doubt its world-famous Lion. You should know the sculptor of this impressive masterpiece, an alsatian called Auguste Bartholdi, the same that made the statue of Liberty! The statue gave its nickname "city of the Lion" to Belfort, and is classified as an Historic Monument. S

troll along the old little streets and discover the Vauban’s citadel. Built in the middle of the 17th century, it is a great example of military fortresses you can find in France. Do not miss the huge St Joseph church, that can welcome 3000 believers.

If you come the first week end of July, enjoy the Eurokéennes festival, an important musical event.

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