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Cerbere, between France and Spain

Last French village before the Spanish frontier, Cerbere is a picturesque Catalan fishing port in the south of the department Pyrénées Orientales. In Cerbere, you will appreciate the Mediterranean climate, with warm winters and hot summers, and the beautiful vineyard landscape.

About France

Listed Historical Monument, the "Belvédère" is an old hotel from the 1930’s in Art Nouveau style strikingly looking like a liner deserving your visit.

Don’t miss the "Phare du bout du monde" (world’s end’s Lighthouse) on the Cerbere cape and totally self-running thanks to its photovoltaic cells. Dating back from Prehistory, you can see the menhir of Pedra Ficta which was used as a boundary marking. And if you’re interested in that period, you should have a look to the three dolmens probably indicating an old place of worship.

The scuba diving’s lovers will appreciate their journey in Cerbere as it has been an essential activity here for 25 years.

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