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Warsaw, the increasingly popular destination

Warsaw, the destination which is becoming increasingly popular

Cosmopolitan Warsaw was almost entirely destroyed during the Second World War, but was painstakingly rebuilt over the following decades. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town enthrals visitors with its baroque architecture and vibrant culture, while the glassy skyscrapers and shopping malls of the modern city point to the future.

About Poland

Still, Warsaw has become an important destination for tourists over the years. Despite the very impressive work of reconstruction, Warsaw still shows some old buildings, like the cathedral of St-John, a marvel of the Masovian gothic style.

Some palaces of the 17th and the 18th centuries like the Lazienki and Royal palaces are not to be missed either. And with 82 parks, among which the Multimedia Fountain Park, inaugurated in 2011, you know you can breathe and enjoy large green spaces in Warsaw.

Everywhere in town, you can trace the presence of both great natives called Frédéric Chopin and Marie Curie.

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Trip to poland and czech in aug and sept Hi, We will land at Warsaw on 27Aug, then go to Krakow on 30Aug (day train) and to Prague on 2Sept (overnight train), please kindly advise pass/ticket for us (1adult 1youth). C: Thanks!

Akira L. | 10 July 2017 answered | 2 Comments
Berlin to warsaw train time Hi there what's the latest train time for Berlin to Warsaw? There is no updated info on the website. Thanks, Echo

Echo G. | 6 April 2017 answered | 2 Comments
Travel to amsterdam, berlin, prague, warsaw. student Please suggest rail passes for the above cities. Are there any student discount? Thanks a lot!

Kwan L. | 28 December 2016 answered | 0 Comments
No train in october [ol][li]I dont see any trains from Warsaw to Krakow on Octobe 21st or later why?[/li][/ol]

Galit C. | 19 September 2016 answered | 0 Comments
Berlin-warsa-prague-berlin i am planning to visit wars and prague and come back to berlin. i would be for 4 days, how to plan

ALOK S. | 6 August 2016 answered | 0 Comments

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