Eurail Select Pass

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If you want to travel in 4 bordering European countries, Eurail Select pass is probably what you’re looking for. This pass gives you the freedom and flexibility to plan your trip in the selected countries of your choice for up to 10 travel days.

Planning your trip

A Eurail Select Pass is probably the best option for the travellers wanting to explore a few European countries. You are totally free to choose the country in which you start your journey and you can even travel back and forth between the countries you’re enjoying most!

And if it was not exciting enough, you can customize your pass for the countries you want to see – as long as they border each other, either by rail or ferry!

Want to go to Switzerland? Why not visit also Benelux, Germany or Spain? With a Eurail select pass, you could easily visit these different countries in the order you like and rediscover Brussels, Frankfurt, Madrid, Geneva and Dublin?

Various possibilities of trips are offered by the Eurail Select pass network: Bulgaria lovers could also go to Montenegro/Serbia, Hungary, or even Italy to discover the charm of the Dolce Vita.

Other options could include a Nordic region trip thanks to a Eurail Select pass including Denmark, Germany, Norway or even Sweden.
And why not enjoy a trip in the South of Europe and visit Italy, Greece but also Albania? Pretty sure you’ll be able to find some nice sunny spells all around the year.

A comprehensive network

Before buying this Eurail Select pass, you must know that Finland and Ireland are considered to be bordering even if they do not have direct rail or ferry link. However, Finland and Norway are not considered to be bordering.

Also, Benelux is three countries in one: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
And if you decide to go for Italy AND Greece, the ferry crossings between the two countries operated by Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferris and Minoan Lines are covered by your pass.

Other specifications include travel journeys between Germany and Sweden because they often go through Denmark, not included among the list of Eurail Select pass countries. If your pass is not valid there, you should buy a separate ticket for the part in Denmark.
You can also get a discounted fare on the Berlin Night Express or a discounted ferry from Finnlines between Travemünde and Malmö to avoid the Denmark charges.

Worth knowing before undertaking the journey of your life : you are not allowed to travel through a country where your pass is not valid, even if you don’t stop there. If you do so, you will need to buy a separate ticket that covers the portion of your journey through that country.


Each of these 26 destinations can be the starting point of your long-for journey :

Austria Benelux (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg)* Bulgaria
Czech Republic Denmark France
Finland Germany Greece
Hungary Ireland Italy
Montenegro-Serbia* Norway Portugal
Romania Slovakia Slovenia-Croatia*
Spain Sweden Switzerland