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If you are looking for comfort, safety and value for money to visit Italy’s main cities, look no further. Italo is the perfect way to discover Italy by train.

Privately operated by NTV, Italo trains have an avant-garde look and feel, almost inviting you to jump on board hit the rails immediately.

A vast array of destinations

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Florence - © Damn12

More than 2 million passenger have chosen to ride on board the NTV operated trains during its first year of service. This figure clearly shows how much and how fast travellers appreciate the service offered by NTV. Also known as the Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori, NTV is the first private high speed train operator in Italy.

The high speed trains operated by NTV are known as Italo. With its ultra-modern design, high level of safety, and value for money, Italo trains are widely appreciated by all travellers.

Operating on the North-South axis in Italy, Italo trains serve all most major Italian cities. The Italo trains operated on the following lines Turin to Salerno, Turin to Ancona and Venice to Naples. The Italo trains stops at several major cities on these lines.

Milan, Reggio Emilia (Mediopadana), Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples are cities which are served by Italo trains on the Turin to Salerno line.

Milan, Reggio Emilia (Mediopadana), Bologna, Rimini and Pesaro are cities which are served by Italo trains on the Turin to Ancona.

Padova, Bologna, Florence and Rome are cities which are served by Italo trains on the Venice to Naples line.

An amazing experience

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© Eugenio Marongiu

Having a high level of safety, Italo trains use state of the art technology. Linked with a bogie, the carriages are more resistant to wind. This means that the trains is more stable when travelling at high speed.

Service and comfort are other aspects that are valued on board the Italo trains. Travellers are offered a First class and Second class service, designed to deliver an unforgettable travel experience on board the Italo trains.

High speed trains like Italo require a seat reservation. When you buy a point to point ticket to travel on board the Italo, the seat reservation is included.

The friendly staff are trained to offer the best service and assistance before, during and even after your journey on board the Italo. Whether you need to ask a question before or during the trip, the Italo staff will find the rights answer to your question.

Be connected during your trip. If you want to surf the internet or even if you want to watch a movie, the Italo makes it possible. From the comfort of your seat, make the most of the technology available on board the Italo.

A pleasant journey is a safe journey. All Italo staff are trained to handle emergency situations. The stewards on board are also present for your safety. For more safety, the Italo trains are equipped with CCTV. This security measure ensures that the trains are safe and that your luggage are constantly under surveillance.

Italo trains have luggage racks which are easily accessible. You can place your luggage in the rack above your seat, beneath your seat or in the rack which are located in the access point.

Fares and passes

The earliest you book your Italo point to point ticket, they most likely you will get the best prices. When you book your Italo ticket, you will receive an email with the booking number and ticket reference. You simply need your ticket reference to board an Italo train and reach your destination. For a couple of trips, the point to point ticket is the best solution to visit major cities in Italy by train.

Children’s discount is available. For children up to 4, they can travel free on Italo trains, providing they don’t require an additional seat. Children up to 4 can sit on an adult’s lap and travel freely. Train tickets are discounted if children under 4 or children from 4 to 15 require an assigned seat,.