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Travelling in AVE trains, operated by Spanish rail operator Renfe, means that you are going through one of the most enjoyable and relaxing travel experience.

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Easy Booking and simple Boarding

Want to plan your travel journey well in advance? With AVE train, you can. AVE tickets can be booked up to 2 months in advance. When arriving at the station, remember also that ticket control occurs before boarding an AVE Train.
Like some other high-trains in Europe, check-in is open 30 minutes before the train leaves and closes 2 minutes before departure. If your AVE train is delayed, you are also entitled to a refund : 50% if your train is late between 16 and 30 minutes and 100% refund if it is more than 30 minutes delayed.

Relaxing on-board

AVE trains, operated by Renfe, offer three different classes, and whatever level of service you choose, you can look forward to a very smooth and pleasant journey.
The train designs are inspired by the TGV, flagship of the French railways and you will love the spacious and airy carriages offered by the AVE fleet.

First Class Club and Preferente

On AVE First class train, you can benefit from some little extras like an access to the numerous AVE lounges and waiting rooms, provided with TV, newspapers but also an Internet access and a fax machine.

Lounges available are Sala Club in Alacant Términal, Albacete Los Llanos, Barcelona-Sants, Camp de Tarragona, Castellón, Córdoba Central, Lleida-Pirineus, Málaga María Zambrano, Madrid Chamartín, Madrid Puerta de Atocha, Murcia El Carmen, Sevilla Sta. Justa, Valencia Joaquín Sorolla, Valladolid Campo Grande and Zaragoza Delicias.

Once on the train, no need for you to go far to grab some food : a catering service can deliver you some meal and beverages directly to your seat for no extra charge by AVE welcoming staff.
Free parking is also available for First Class passenger travelling with a Renfe AVE train : 24 hours gratuity if you have a single ticket and 48 hours for a return.

If you choose to upgrade in Club Class, you could also get access to an A la Carte restaurant at seat and even a bar service at seat.

Standard Class

On AVE Standard class (Tourista in Spanish), you could expect air conditioning throughout your trip in the comfort of roomy seats.
Feeling bored on trains? Not on AVE.
A TV screen, a radio and even a power socket are available at every seat, making your trip much more desirable than any airplane trips, even in Business class.

Feeling hungry ? Just need to buy some nice snacks and beverages to a bar buffet car.
And if you travel with babies, you can even have access to changing facilities and play areas. Wheelchair facilities are also available on-board. Also remember that smoking is not allowed anywhere on AVE Renfe trains.