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Renfe is a modern and efficient railway system that offers every level of service in Spain. Among its services, it offers a high-speed rail called AVE, making travel in this country even more delightful.

A vast array of destinations

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Barcelona - © Luciano Mortula

In 1992, the Spanish national railway company Renfe launched a high-speed rail called Alta Velocidad Espanola (AVE), which plays on the word Ave meaning bird.
With this Renfe service, you can travel at speeds of up to 300 km/h from Madrid, to cities including Barcelona (52 trains a day !!) and Seville at a frequency of 40 trains a day but also Malaga and Valencia, Zaragoza and even Valladolid. AVE trains also connect Barcelona to Malaga and Sevilla twice a day.

An amazing experience

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© Patier

Don’t forget to book a seat on Renfe AVE : reservations can be made up to 2 months before you depart. Once on-board, ticket control and passport checks will occur before boarding AVE trains. Check-in is open 30 minutes before the train leaves and is closed 2 minutes before departure.

Travelling with AVE is also a perfect pleasure for passengers expecting the highest level of comfort and style in a train carriage : the train designs are inspired by the iconic TGV trains, flagship of the French railways. And amenities are plenty in this service: radios and TV screens at your seat and a huge amount of legrooms are to be expected in AVE Renfe, making your trip a very relaxing experience.

You can choose from different classes of travel : AVE First Class train will offer you access to several lounges and waiting rooms before departure. On-board, a catering service can deliver you some food and beverages directly to your seat for no extra charge.
And by upgrading to Club Class, you could even enjoy an A la carte Restaurant at seat and a bar service at seat.

If you are on a tighter budget, Standard Class on AVE trains could also offer you air conditioning throughout your trip in the comfort of roomy seats and some delicious snacks available in bar-buffer-trolley.

Fares and passes

AVE Trains will offer you a wide range of fares that you will be able to discover through our very handy rail Tickets finder. Just remember that booking a point to point ticket is probably the easiest way to save money if you only plan to travel a couple of times, from one point to another.

Just bear in mind that even if you are opting for a pass, a separate reservation is required on AVE trains like in most high-speed trains in Europe; and with Rail Europe it is possible to reserve your seats while booking your pass.