Eurail Global Pass

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Considered as the most popular pass, Eurail Global Pass is seen by many as the easiest way to travel within Europe. It offers unlimited rail travel across 28 destinations in Europe, giving you an absolutely unique travel experience and an in-depth knowledge of the European culture.

Planning your trip

The Eurail Global Pass gives all the flexibility you need during your European adventure. You can hop on and off Europe’s trains and visit 28 countries throughout Europe in the order you like. You can even travel back and forth between countries and start your trip in any of the 28 countries, which are part of this programme.
The Eurail Global Pass gives you the opportunity to travel with complete freedom and relaxation.

You could start your trip in Italy by making a wish and throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain in Rome, then take a gondola tour in Venice, even if expensive, and enjoy the sun of The French Riviera a few days later.
After two weeks of intense travelling, you could wrap up your journey in a nice chalet in Geneva and enjoy its snowy slopes. What else could you ask?

Travel possibilities are really endless: France could be a good start for your trip. But if it’s your first time in Europe, you might probably want to explore most countries in this continent. Spain could attract museums and culture amateurs but also party and sun lovers. And why not go and visit Portugal? Lisbon will probably be high on your agenda not only because it is very rich in architecture but also because you can also enjoy several museums.

Fancy exploring Central Europe and rediscovering Dracula’s Romania? With a global pass, you certainly could. You could then jump in other bordering countries like Bulgaria and Hungary.
Just bear in mind that your Eurail Global Pass is not valid in Montenegro, Poland and Serbia. The rest of Central Europe is also within your reach: Czech Republic, Slovenia and even Austria will welcome you warmly.

A comprehensive network

And because it is fun to change trains and railway networks, the Global pass is valid on trains operated by the national railways of the 28 countries covered by the Global pass.

Just remember that some trains require seat reservation. And if you think that a list of 28 countries is not enough, you could also travel in a country that it is not covered by your pass (like for example Great Britain) provided you buy a separate ticket that covers that part of the journey. You can do so at the local train station of that country.
Eurail offers you tailor-made formulas according to the number of days you intend to travel. And if you wish to book a pass, you can use the booking form on this website.


Here is the full list of countries covered by the Eurail Global Pass :

Austria Finland Italy Slovakia
Belgium France Luxembourg Slovenia
Bulgaria Germany Netherlands Spain
Croatia Greece Norway Sweden
Czech Republic Hungary Portugal Switzerland
Denmark Ireland Romania Turkey

Liechtenstein and Monaco are considered part of Austria and France respectively.