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Rome Coliseum - © Iakov Kalinin

Popular destinations

You can visit any major cities in Italy thanks to the Italo trains. Some of the most popular routes are Turin to Milan, Milan to Rome, Venice to Bologna, Florence to Rome and Naples to Salerno. The high speed Italo trains will allow you to enjoy your journey thanks to the high level of comfort and safety.

Famous cities such as Turin, Milan, Venice, Padova, Rome, Florence and Naples are all served by the Italo trains.

You can plan your journey ahead by knowing at which train station the Italo trains call at. In Turin the Italo trains call at the Turin Porta Susa. In Milan the Italo trains stops at the Milan Porta Garibaldi and Milan Rogoredo. Italo trains stops at the Venice Santa Lucia and Venice Mestre train stations. In Padova, the train call at Padova Stazione Centrale whereas in Reggio Emilia it stops are the Mediopadana station. Other stations where the Italo trains stop are: Bologna Stazione Centrale, Rimini Stazione Centrale, Pesaro Stazione Centrale, Ancona Centrale, Florence Santa Maria Novella, Rome Tiburtina, Rome Ostiense, Naples Stazione Centrale and Salerno Stazione Centrale.

A wider network of destinations

Italo has six daily direct services between Milan and Rome. This means that there are no intermediate stops thus shortening the travel duration. For more convenience the Italo trains calls at two stations in Milan and Rome.