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TGV trains offer the comfort of two travel classes to cater to your different needs. No wonder if after this experience, you will not feel like boarding a plane for short journeys anymore….

Easy Booking and simple boarding

As easy as it might be, reservation is required for any TGV trains. And you can even book your TGV train ticket 90 days in advance. When it comes to collecting your ticket, again, more options are available: you could use a Print@home solution whereby you could print your ticket directly from your printer. Or you can retrieve your TGV train ticket directly at the train station, up to 30 minutes before the train departure.

Just bear in mind that there are no check-in or customs procedures before boarding TGV’s trains. But, ticket control and passport checks will occur on board the train.

Relaxing on-board

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TGV 1st Class - © Patrick Curtet - SNCF mediatheque
  • Relaxation and comfort in First class

If you fancy some elements of comfort during your TGV journey, you might find interesting to go for a First Class where you can have extra legroom and larger seats that recline electronically.

If you’re looking for some peace and privacy, you will be given the option to book a Solo seat. But if you prefer to make the most of your TGV journey and work with your colleagues, you could easily book two adjoining seats or a Club space, which will enable you to work in groups of two or four.

A space for a person in a wheelchair is also available. Just remember that you have to request it when making your reservation.

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TGV 2nd Class - © Patrick Curtet - SNCF mediatheque
  • Pleasure and relaxation in Second Class

Have no fear: even if you decide to travel Second Class, you can find a vast array of convenient facilities from drop-down tables suitable for laptops to power points (in some selected TGV trains only) and a bar buffet where you can go and grab some nice meals and beverages.

Some vending machines could also satisfy your needs for drinks and snacks in every TGV train. Either travel class you may choose, smoking is not allowed anywhere on TGV trains.

These trains have changing room for babies and also some bottle-warming facilities, making it very convenient to travel for a short or even a longer journey.